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Chatting to Barrie the other day about Leonard Cohen‘s masterpiece “Hallelujah” I remarked that in the first verse he actually describes the chord structure in the song (perhaps to remind his guitarist when to make the changes?).

This is part of the first verse:

   C                   F        G
It goes like this, the 4th, the 5th,
    Am                 F
The minor fall and the major lift, etc...

So Cohen is describing the actual chord structure in the key of C in which the fourth is F, the fifth is G, and the relative minor is Am.

The other one that springs to mind is Justin Currie’sEvery song’s the same” which  starts off;

Let me teach you how to write a song 
The first line must be brief but strong 
And the second line should rhyme
With something in your baby's heart

and he goes on to say;

Let me show you how to write a tune 
The first note should mean the world to you 
And the second one should come 
Like an arrow out of a dream 

So not as specific as Cohen’s approach but it makes sense.
Are there any other songs out there which work like this? Meta-songs (songs about songs).

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