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I Love Lucy

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Lucy Zirins that is.

I saw her at last year’s Rock and Blues Festival in Burnley and loved her performance. The Burnley-born singer-songwriter plays acoustic and resonator guitars. She’s also a very down-to-earth and friendly person and lovely to boot.

kettledrumsc000af9fbI bought her CD – Chasing Clocks – and promised her I’d blog about her. I did include her in my blog about the festival but I didn’t give her one of her own.

And I looked to see if she was on this year and she is. She’s due to perform at the Kettledrum on Sunday at 1400.

Those of you who live locally will know that the clarets will be starting their victory parade through town at that time, which is pretty tough to compete with.

So feeling a bit guilty I decided to upload some of the photos I took of her performance last year on the main stage.



She was inspired to play by an uncle who was learning the guitar before he died and her unusual name comes from Latvian ancestry.

She inspired me to add a resonator guitar to my collection. Check her out at Lucy Zirins.

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He says he's a psychologist but aren't we all?

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