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Music to chill by at Zurich airport

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P1020340Airports aren’t the most stress-free of environments so after getting to the airport in Zurich by train from Germany and negotiating our way through security into the departure lounge we were greeted by the mellow sounds of this guitarist playing “Besame Mucho”.

He’s called Willy Claure and is a self-taught Bolivian who has recorded 13 albums and played concerts with the National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia.

Besame Mucho” is from his CD “Willy Claure 1 Die bekanntesten Melodien” (well known melodies)

My colleague and I grabbed a sandwich and a coffee and enjoyed his  performance.

I chatted to him on his break about his equipment which comprised a Canadian-made guitar (a Larrivee I think), which cost over £3,000, played through a state of the art Bose system which cost about the same, with an iPod playing his backing tracks.

He’s been playing in various parts of the airport for the last 8 years and is obviously popular with travellers, and deservedly so.


Author: mikethepsych

He says he's a psychologist but aren't we all?

One thought on “Music to chill by at Zurich airport

  1. He is a sort of cross between Wes Montgomery and Paco Pena but as you say, a wonderful stress buster at Zurich Airport.

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