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Keep The Faith………Wigan Casino and Northern Soul

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I Was doing a little Youtubing the other day and by chance came across this video with a song by Raphael Saadiq called “Love that girl” and it immediately took me back to the Friday night sessions I used to attend at Wigan Casino in the late 60s with my then girlfriend (JJ you know who you are). _70025077_wigan I used to wear a suit with 22” flares and a jacket with a single centre vent which stretched halfway up my jacket………oh, the impetuousness of youth but those now in their mid 60s will know what I am talking about. NS_fist_logo We went to Wigan Casino because it was only a half hour bus ride away and the nearest club that played the kind of music we liked. I can remember being introduced to Chuck Woods “seven days too long” and Jackie Wilsons “higher and higher’ both brilliant dance records ands also…

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One thought on “Keep The Faith………Wigan Casino and Northern Soul

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