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Smoke on the Water?


Zeus04July14_006We celebrated American Independence Day on a canal cruise organised by the Oswaldwistle chapter of Zeus BNI, an international business networking organisation.

Zeus04July14_020We played a 30-song set to an appreciative audience as they enjoyed their meal on the restaurant boat “Romance” during the two and a half hour cruise starting at the marina by The Boatyard Inn at Riley Green.

Because we were on the water we included songs relating to that i.e.  “Dock of the Bay” and  “Proud Mary” and something by the Waterboys.

As it was 4 July we also threw in a couple of songs new to our set to reflect Americana; REM‘s  “Man in the Moon” and the Band‘s “The night they drove old Dixie Down”(which also has a reference to a Mississippi steam boat the Robert E Lee)

The audience was great, they knew their music and sang along where appropriate, and the crew were really helpful to us. This edited sample of a live recording we made gives you a taste of the atmosphere 

We’d love to do another one!

Photographs courtesy of BNI member Michael Sewell.


Author: mikethepsych

He says he's a psychologist but aren't we all?

2 thoughts on “Smoke on the Water?

  1. What better way to spend an evening than cruising on the “cut” to the strains of two 60s rock legends.

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