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SCAN0070SCAN0071First up is this limited edition blue vinyl 45 of “The Captain of her heart” by Swiss one-hit wonders Double (pronounced in the French way to rhyme with Buble).

Taken from their 1985 album Blue, the song is a ballad about a girl waiting in vain for her absent lover to return. The song was an international success, reaching 8 in the UK Singles Chart and 16 on the American Billboard Hot 100.

It’s been suggested that the song is “one of the great lost one hit wonders of the mid-1980s.”  It’s jazzy, cool and different – and I like it! Have a listen.

Next up this 1986 limited edition luminous disc of Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley (he of Cockney Rebel) singing the Phantom of the Opera.SCAN0084SCAN0080

Harley was set to star as the Phantom in the London premiere of The Phantom of the Opera, and recorded this promotional single of the title song, but was surprised to be replaced close to rehearsals by Michael Crawford.


At the other end of the musical spectrum is this red vinyl limited edition copy of a 1978 album by Sammy Hagar (later front man with Van Halen) called “Loud & Clear”.SCAN0083SCAN0082

He’s called the Red Rocker and this album includes a track called “Red” so it was obviously the right thing to do to produce it in bright red. I only bought it for the novelty value!

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