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Who’s the Man?


SCAN0094Muddy Waters recorded “Hoochie Coochie Man“, which was written by Willie Dixon, in 1954. It was a big success reaching number 3 in Billboard magazine’s Rhythm & Blues Records chart.

Bo Diddley responded with “I’m a Man” and in turn Muddy Waters sang an answer song “Mannish Boy” which he recorded in 1955 giving Bo Diddley c0-writing credits. He re-recorded it several times in later years.

It was Muddy Waters only top 100 UK chart hit in 1988 but his songs were widely covered by other artists and there wasn’t a British group around who didn’t do at least one of his songs (“Hoochie Coochie Man” and “I got my Mojo Working” I remember being particularly popular.)

Waters was the father of the Chicago or electric blues style enjoying friendly rivalry with Howling Wolf.  He was accompanied on many of his records by harmonica player Little Walter and pianist Otis Spann.

SCAN0095The version of “Mannish Boy” that I have here was produced by the late Johnny Winter in 1978 and was in effect a double A side as it had “Hoochie Coochie Man” as the B side. It was clearly linked with a Levi jeans commercial.

I mentioned Howling Wolf in passing. Real name Chester Arthur Burnett, he was also a colossal blues guitarist and an influential blues singer, and harmonica player.

My favourite track of his is “Smokestack Lightning” with that memorable riff played by his lifelong guitarist Hubert Sumlin (now there’s a riff that should have been included in the BBC programme!)

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2 thoughts on “Who’s the Man?

  1. I would agree that Smokestack Lightning is the definitive Wolf, but I would suggest that a very close second would be the Willie Dixon number “Spoonful” which Wolf recorded in 1960 and was subsequently emasculated by Cream.

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