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The Trio of Improvisers The Trio of Improvisers

I was wandering through Huddersfield this morning, passing the time of day whilst my car was being serviced and preparing myself for the financial shock of the cost of the service. After several strong cappuccino I felt strong enough to venture out into the town centre and during my travels encountered three young men busking.

A budding Cat Anderson A budding Cat Anderson

I stopped to listen to them for a while and what a pleasant experience that was, as they were playing jazz with  a good deal of drive and enthusiasm.

I suspect that they may have been music students possible from Huddersfield University which is well-known for its musical courses (and of course the famous annual Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival every November) for both performers and composers.

Do I hear echoes of Lawrence Brown? Do I hear echoes of Lawrence Brown?

I did notice that the young man in the white hoodie had “Halle Youth…

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