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Re the rock musicians I agree with most of what you say with the exception of two on your list. REM have made some classic records with their own sound and off-the-wall lyrics although I agree there is some dross in there too. They were always a bit different and deciding to quit rather than descend into endless re-releases etc was a shrewd move. Buddy Holly on the other hand is a legend and I’ll leave it to Philip Norman to explain why here

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I have been listening to pop / rock music from the very early 1960’s and can remember buying my first 45 single, namely Poetry in Motion by Johnny Tillotson in I think it was 1961.

For the last 50 years or so I have listened to rock, classical, jazz and a good deal of world music. I was thinking the other day that in every genre of music there are certain composers and performers I just “don’t get”

With classical music it is the compositions of Joseph Haydn (I am of the view he wrote the same symphony 102 times), WA Mozart (with certain exceptions), Benjamin Britten (vastly over – rated except for Sinfonia da Requiem) and amongst contemporary composers the cacophony produced by Harrison Birtwistle.

As far as jazz is concerned my blind spot is Charlie Parker (yes, I know this is heresy) and the whole band of…

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