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Eunice Kathleen Waymon: Musical Quality

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Good Music Speaks

All this time, I have been writing in this blog about Good Music without being tied down to a specific definition.  I haven’t really needed to define “good” music.  I just know it when I hear it.  All Good Music has some things in common, like standing up to repeated listening, usually being emotionally moving in some way, and having a high level of Quality. That is Quality, with a capital Q, in the Robert Pirsig – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance sense of Quality.  (Now stick with me here, don’t sign me up for ECT sessions just yet.)  Ultimately, the Quality  and Good in Good Music must remain open ended and not tied down any one definition.  I contend that taking each piece of music on its own terms, and not asking it to be something it wasn’t trying to be, is one key to recognizing Good…

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