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Northern Soul record is world’s rarest

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MI0002369168A copy of “Open the Door to my Heart” by Darrell Banks is up for sale.

Northern Soul fans have spent 50 years looking for this single 45 rpm record. Now a pristine copy of this vinyl record has been discovered.

It was recorded on London American but released in the UK by EMI. Decca, which owned London American had already pressed some promotional copies which it then destroyed.

So this one must have been “liberated’ by a Decca worker and traded to a collector.

Darrell Banks recorded two albums before he was killed by an off-duty policeman who was having an affair with Banks’s girlfriend in the 1970s. This record, backed with “Our Love” was his biggest hit.

The record is being auctioned on the RareSoulMan site and bids have already reached over £10,000 with a week to go.

The previous record for a Northern Soul record was£25,000 for a copy of “Do I Love You (Indeed I do)” by Frank Wilson seen here on Youtube

Other vinyl records which have fetched fancy prices include: The Beatles’Love me Do” demo disc on Parlophone which fetched £11,000; the Sex Pistols’God Save the Queen” on A&M which fetched almost £13,000; The Quarrymen’s acetate of “That’ll be the Day” which fetched $200,000; and John Lennon & Yoko Ono’sDouble Fantasy” which was Mark Chapman’s signed copy which fetched $400,000.

Northern Soul fans are well-known for their fanaticism when it comes to their music.

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