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Our most read posts in 2014

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custom_text_and_music_notes_coming_out_of_a_box_11963This blog started off as a small local affair about a duo called 2 Shades of Grey who had a lot of experience of, and loved music.

So apart from the duo’s activities anything that grabbed our attention music-wise was a potential post.

Surprisingly we posted over 100 posts last year, most with photos and many with music embedded. Our readership spans 80 countries although mostly in the UK, America and Brazil. And if you are surprised by Brazil what about people in the Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Thailand and Swaziland?

The most viewed parts of the blog were the “Blast from the past” section of archive photographs, followed by “Our musical influences” and “About us“.

The 5 most popular posts in 2014 were:

  1. PJ Proby and Tom Jones – two great voices – published in May 2014
  2. Duane Eddy – Twangy guitar hero – also published in May 2014
  3. Classical music lovers miss out on bargains – published in August 2014
  4. Acker Bilk – a great trad jazz artist and a man of his word – published in November 2014
  5. Top songs for that final farewell – published in November 2014

Author: mikethepsych

He says he's a psychologist but aren't we all?

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