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Holiday Blues

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Just wish I’d seen this earlier. A great post with some classic blues performances.

Good Music Speaks

Artificial-Christmas-TreeThe holidays are just a tough time for many people.  There are all sorts of pressures.  Parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining are just the tip of the iceberg of demands in December.  Work and life are all still going on for most of the month, and all of these extra demands are on top of the normal responsibilities.  There is an overwhelming pressure for this time to be special.  Stress and depression get the better of a lot of folks, and the short daylight hours do little to help anyone’s moods.

cute-santa-claus-illustrationOn top of it all is this Santa Claus business, just wreaking havoc in the lives of parents.  Children make a wish list of things they want.  Children being children, they have no concept of money. how much things cost, or how hard it is to earn.  Santa Claus is magic, just behave yourself a little and all…

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