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National Record Store Day……….ah, the smell of vinyl!


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IMGP2779 Today, 18 April 2015 is National Record Store Day and for those of us of a certain age (and generation) it is one to celebrate and support. There are very few places that one can actually purchase a CD or vinyl record these days as virtually all record shops have gone out of business.


Granted there is the odd HMV shop hanging around but most have disappeared, and the ones left sell virtually nothing except the top 20 pop records. Gone are the days when I could go to the big HMV store on Market Street in Manchester, go down the escalator to the basement and be surrounded by thousands of classical and jazz CDs. There was always a kind of reverential silence in the room as the latest release from Deutsche Gramophon would be playing often featuring the Berlin Philharmonic or some esoteric release on the ESP label giving…

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2 thoughts on “National Record Store Day……….ah, the smell of vinyl!

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