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Elvis’s first record re-released

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Elvis Presley spent $4 to record a single 10″ acetate disc on July 18 1953. It had two songs on it: “My Happiness” and ” That’s when your heartaches begin“.

It was sold at auction in January 2015 for $300,000 by musician Jack White who reissued it as a limited edition 10” 78 rpm disc on April 18 to mark World Record Store Day cb46239f655b0a11740f6a7067000eb8_c0-104-3853-2349_s561x327

The story has it that the Presley family didn’t have a record player so Elvis took it to a friend’s house to listen to it. His friend Ed Leek looked after it for 60 years before giving it to his niece who put it up for auction.

Jack White is a champion of vinyl and also wants to safeguard the world’s independent music stores. These are causes worth championing as my colleague Kindadukish reminisced about recently.

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One thought on “Elvis’s first record re-released

  1. Good to see you back blogging, your absence has been noticed.

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