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Lucy’s back in town

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Lucy Zirins made the 26th Great British R & B Festival in Colne the venue for her northern homecoming.

Since I last saw her at the Mechanics Institute at the 25th Burnley International R & B Festival in 2013 she has moved to London and picked up a backing band The Southern Company comprising: Pete Billington on keyboard and fiddle, Andy Crowdy on double bass, and Simon Price on drums.

So there she was on Friday on the British Stage. She sounded as good as ever although to my ears a bit more country than blues – but who cares as longs the music is good, which it was.

She sang a mix of songs from her first album “Chasing Clocks” and some from an upcoming EP “What’s in front of me“. She even included that gospel classic “Wade in the Water” referencing Eva Cassidy. I remember  the Ramsey Lewis version from 1966 but that’s showing my age.

DSC00688DSC00692DSC00693DSC00695DSC00705Her voice was stronger and the band were tight and she can only go on to better things. One small thing though. What happened to her resonator guitar?

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One thought on “Lucy’s back in town

  1. I can see your reporting years on Melody Maker were not wasted!

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