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Vinyl now on the supermarket shelves


We’ve heard that vinyl is making a comeback with its own chart lists (NB audio-cassettes are coming back too).

So it’s nice to see my local Tesco supermarket stocking some alongside the narrow range of CDs that they stock.

These are obviously safe bets with the likes of Adele, The Eagles, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, The Stone Roses, AC DC, Guns and Roses. Priced between £12 and £17 these will be attractive to people who’ve kept the faith and kept their turntables.

Long live LPs!P1030382


Author: mikethepsych

He says he's a psychologist but aren't we all?

2 thoughts on “Vinyl now on the supermarket shelves

  1. Ah, the nostalgia of buying your LP on a Saturday and then rushing home on the bus to listen to your prized possession……………..

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