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Record Store Day, 2016……….get out there and support your local shop

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Record-Store-Day.jpg Vynil Tap in Huddersfield

Before countless downloads and streaming services, record stores were the centre of the world for music fans. Countless teens poured into music shops every weekend, eager to pick up the next release from their favourite artists, and musicians made their mark on legions of fans.

And this weekend, on April 16, fans will do so again on Record Store Day. Now in its ninth year the day is an annual celebration of enthusiasm for music, which will see more than 200 independent record shops across the country join in.

Many music fans will be able to revisit the places where they used to indulge their hobby, while for others it will be the chance to discover new music and learn about the renewed enthusiasm for vinyl. Record Store Day will also see record labels release limited editions that will be up for grabs at stores across the country.

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One thought on “Record Store Day, 2016……….get out there and support your local shop

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