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Tennessee Waltz and memories of childhood………..

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My earliest memories of hearing music in my childhood (mid late fifties) was my mother singing as she did all the household duties. Remember, for working class families the norm was for the mother to stay at home and look after the children and the man to be the “breadwinner.”

Whatever she was doing my mother would usually be singing, often popular songs from the 30s and 40s, many I came to recognise in my later years as “standards” and which were the “pop” music of the time.

rs-216463-Bonnie-Raitt__-Photo---Jason-Farrell.jpg Bonnie Rait

Two of the songs that made an indelible mark on me were Tennessee Waltz, written in 1946 and which became a million seller in 1950 for Patti Page. The other was Goodnight Irene, which was originally sung by the great bluesman Huddi Ledbetter, better know by his performing name of Ledbelly. It was subsequently recorded by The Weavers, with sanitised…

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