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Stacksteads Brass Band D-Day concert in Worsthorne Church

Worsthorne Parish Church organised an evening of Brass and Voices to commemorate the D-Day Landings and also the fallen of both world wars.

Stacksteads Brass Band were the stars of the evening featuring a group of orators and musicians including 2 Shades of Grey.

We performed two pieces with additional input from local actor Tony Cummings. In the first half Tony and Barrie duetted on “the Glory of Love” accompanied by acoustic guitar. 

This song has been recorded by everyone since Benny Goodman first had a hit with it in the mid 1930s – Big Bill Broonzey, Dean Martin, Otis Redding, Bette Midler, and in 2012 Paul McCartney. 

In the second half we performed our own version of the Bob Dylan song “Forever Young” which was immediately preceded by Tony Cummings describing the events of D-Day and the brave men who will be, as he wrote, “forever in our hearts and forever young”

Stacksteads Brass Band member Jim Hoyle worked on the arrangement with us so the Band could accompany us on the choruses. We never actually practised with the Band but Jim came to a couple of rehearsals so we could agree the chord changes and timings and we recorded it on a CD for him to play to the Band.

On the night we were overwhelmed by the Band’s musicianship and if you’ve ever stood on stage with a 20 plus Brass Band behind you you’ll know what I mean.

The extract from the Parish Newsletter below gives you a sense of the evening (our regular paparazzi was on holiday so we don’t have any pictures).

Parish report

On a technical note we tried to record the songs we did using a Zoom stereo microphone but it couldn’t cope fully with the dynamic range of the music in a church packed with 140 people. So the results are more low-fi than we would have liked.