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David Bowie in Manchester 2003

SCAN0156It was in Manchester in November 2003 at the Manchester Arena. The whole family went. He was promoting his Reality album which I don’t think was his greatest but he was a great performer.

The show got a 4 star review in the Guardian at the time praising him for his voice range (he apparently hadn’t sung the high notes in “China Girl” since he’d recorded it until this tour) and appearance.

After previously saying he wouldn’t be playing his old hits as he was retiring his back catalogue he obviously changed his mind as he performed songs such as “Rebel Rebel” “The Man who sold the World” “Life on Mars” “Changes” “Ashes to Ashes” and even “Under Pressure“.

The reviewer also conceded that there was no evidence of his being a psychologically disturbed cocaine addict or occult-crazed madman!

He did however – on the eve of President Bush’s visit – sing “I’m afraid of Americans“. The reviewer Dave Simpson summed it up as “predictable but glorious entertainment”. 

Fair enough but time to move on.

We’ve just lost Glenn Frey after all. Let me think, I saw him at Huddersfield with the Eagles on the Hell Freezes Over tour…


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Space Oddity – a great acoustic cover

Following my colleague’s posting of the choir from Canada singing this with a sole acoustic guitar I looked for more of the same and came across this amazing version by Mike Massé and Jeff Hall.

I think the song is even more poignant now Bowie has left us. And if it’s true what cosmologists say that we all return to stardust….


Star man and a 500+ choir……………

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I have never been the greatest fan of David Bowie although I have bought the odd album over the years. Never did get the glam rock and “Spiders from Mars”periods but more attunded to his Berlin days and remember buying Station to Station which contained the wonderful TVC15 (the background story to this track is incredible funny).

Over the last week or so it seems that everyone and anyone has crawled out of the woodwork to pay homage to the artistry of Bowie. Of all the things I have come across that remembered the work of Bowie, it is this choir singing Star man accompanied by a single acoustic guitar that has had the greatest resonance.

Sit back and enjoy 500+ people singing together and what they may lack in polish they make up for with feeling and emotion.

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Vinyl back in fashion

imagesSales of vinyl records in Britain are at their highest for 2o years.

That means over 1 million sales of music by modern bands the Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood alongside classic acts like Pink Floyd, the Stone Roses, and Led Zeppelin.

This comes at a time when CD sales are falling because of digital downloads and streaming services.

One music retailer has seen vinyl sales jump by almost 50% this year with most buyers being under 25.

Vinyl may have its detractors but the tactile experience of taking it from its sleeve, physically placing it on a turntable and then sitting back to read the liner notes or admire the sleeve’s artwork make it all worth-while.

The vinyl trade is worth about £20 million a year to Britain but only comprise 2% of the market.

Arctic Monkeys LP “AM” is the biggest seller this year

David Bowie’s compilation Nothing has Changed” is currently top of the vinyl charts

Pink Floyd’s latest, and possibly last, LP “Endless River” sold more than 6,000 copies in its first week of release making it the fastest selling LP this century

Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 1, and Led Zeppelin 2, have all featured in the top ten vinyl LPs of the year.

Time to order that vinyl copy of “Lily was Here” I heard in Lithuania!

FYI the illustration on the cover of the Led Zeppelin album is of the Hindenburg disaster in New Jersey in 1937.