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Notty’s Jug Serenaders

DSC01977I saw the poster just off the main square in Konstanz, Germany, on my recent visit.

I thought with a name like that they must be British but after searching the internet it seems they might be German.

In fact the YouTube video I found was recorded in Wessenberg Street, which is in the middle of the old town in Konstanz, back in 2009 when they were a four-piece band performing “Kansas City Blues”.

In this poster they’re playing a resonator guitar, what looks like a cigar-box bass guitar, and what I thought was a small flugelhorn but which I am reliably informed is a cornet, or possibly a pocket trumpet (whatever it is it’s made of brass and you blow into it).

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C’est la vie

Spotted at a train station en route from Zurich to Konstanz. it reminded me of the Chuck Berry song of the same name also called You Never Can Tell.


It was composed in the early 1960s while Berry was in federal prison for allegedly violating the Mann Act and was originally released in 1964 on the album St. Louis to Liverpool.

It’s been covered by other artists like Bob Seger and EmmyLou Harris, who had a country hit with it, and Bruce Springsteen has played it at concerts.

You can hear a live version by Chuck Berry on Youtube.