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Walker Brothers played Rawtenstall Astoria 50 years ago

WalkerBros-240765It’s hard to believe it’s 50 years since the Walker Brothers were due to play at the Imperial Ballroom in Nelson, Lancashire. From memory I think that gig was cancelled and they later played at the Astoria Ballroom in Rawtenstall, Lancashire in early August – according my reliable source Ken Stott.

They were supported on that occasion by local group The Avalons. So I was there sharing a dressing room with these affable Americans.

They weren’t actually brothers but we didn’t know that at the time and with their good looks, Beatles-style hair and great singing voices were a deserved hit in the UK. Their big hit at the time, and their first UK No 1, was “Make it easy on yourself”

They were bigger in the UK than back in America and I saw a YouTube of Tom Rush performing their 1975 hit “No Regrets” which he wrote. He introduced it by saying that it wasn’t his best song but an English group had a hit with it and it paid for his sons’ education.

So some Americans thought they were an English group. More info here 


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Guitars Galore

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P1010126 at the Pendle Guitar Festival at the ACE centre in Nelson, Lancashire.

P1010089Among a wonderful array of instruments I spotted this unusual Duesenberg Double Cat guitar.

Its art deco logo tops off a guitar which seems to be made up from a range of other guitar features.

The cat’s eye f-hole is a bit like a Rickenbacker but even more like a Gretsch I have with that shape of f-hole.

The fact there is only one is reminiscent of a Telecaster Thinline and the vibrato arm looks decidedly Bigsby-ish.  For all that it’s a lovely-looking guitar with a nice price tag (around £1,400).

P1010092Talking of Bigsby there was a nice display of guitars fitted with a Bigsby or similar.


John, another exhibitor, had a great collection of guitars from the sixties (bottom photos).

These included not only some lovely Telecasters but some Hofner Clubs, budget guitars probably most famous…

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