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Ain’t no love any more when it comes to pop songs

If the Righteous Brothers lost that loving feeling back in 1965 then its got worse ever since.

Pop songs now are less likely to be about love and are increasingly likely to be about sex.

An analysis of the top 50 songs in the US Billboard charts from 1960 to 2008 found that almost 60% of songs were about romance.Since then the proportion has dropped to 49%.

And male singers are increasingly singing about sex – up to 40% from only 7% in the 1960s.

No longer the Beatles vanilla “I wanna hold your hand” but Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous“, “Birthday Sex” by Jeremiah, and “Love Sex Magic” by Ciara.

And on of the greatest modern songwriters Marvin Gaye progressed from being crazy about his baby in 1963 but demanding sexual healing ten years later.

And the researchers – from 3 universities in America – blame it on male R & B and rap artists. They say “Over these five decades relational content became somewhat less common and sexual content, including objectification of women, became more common. These trends were slightly more apparent in songs performed my males rather than females.

The changes seem driven by the rap genre which did not place a song in the top 50 until the 1990s”(I would argue that rap doesn’t have songs but that’s my traditionalist view).

Song lyrics inevitably reflect the language we all use to express ourselves said a British Phonographic Industry spokesman. “Back in the fifties and sixties public morality made it difficult for people to speak as openly as they wanted and it’s likely that love was simply a euphemism for sex“.

And were songs any worse for that? Using allegory and imagery rather than misogynistic, in your face, puerile language?

I’ll leave you with a song from the great Bobby “Blue” Bland ” from 1974 (also Whitesnake’s first hit)


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Kanye West…………..utter rubbish at Glastonbury

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The headline on the BBC website runs as follows:-

Glastonbury: Kanye West delivers headline set…………

Poncing about on stage......... Poncing about on stage………

Last night I watched about 20 minutes of his set and I can honestly say that it is by far the worst performance by a headline act at Glastonbury in living memory.

A posturing ego maniac and self-proclaimed “greatest artist in the world” pranced about the bare stage shouting unadulterated drivel and merely conformed what I have thought all along, that “rap” music is “the emperors new clothes.”

When you think of the disparate range of artists who gave graced the various ages at Glastonbury, Johnny Cash, Tony Bennett, The Stones, U2 etc and who connected with the crowds in both an emotional and musical way the likes of this “piss artist” pale into insignificance.

Comedian takes the piss! Comedian takes the piss!

Moreover, the great black artists of both past and present Levi Stubbs…

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Angry rappers should chill out say jazzer

saxaphone_player_notes_400_wht_3612In response to the research into deaths among musicians, jazz musician Herbie Hancock has urged hip-hop musicians to be more like their opposite numbers in jazz and turn away from the aggression and violence that has become a feature of the musical genre.

He said he was saddened to learn that more than half of rappers and hip-hop artists died through homicide.

Speaking ahead of today’s International Jazz Day (April 30), an initiative he co-founded with UNESCO, Hancock said “he believed that music of all types should have the power to unite people”

“I’m hoping that the jazz influence I’m seeing entering into the hip-hop realm is going to have a positive effect that can heal some of the attributes that have sparked these aggressive tendencies from the past”

Hancock is a bhuddist and doesn’t believe jazz is competitive like sport. He says he’s always been helped by other jazz musicians even when he’s made mistakes and its always been that kind of attitude.