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Playing in Coffee Shops – very New York but in Burnley!

When we did our first charity gig at Rhode Island coffee for the Macmillan charity it made us think of how it must have been for the early folk singers in America in the 1960s and acts at the 2i’s Coffee bar in Soho where early British skiffle and rock n’ roll acts were discovered.

So last September there we were at 9 o’clock in the morning ready to perform our first of three sets. I have to say I have never played a morning gig before anywhere. Lunchtime at the local Miners’ Club was probably the earliest previous experience (usually sharing the spot with a stripper).

As if in homage to those early pioneers we included a number of folk songs like “Early Morning Rain”, “If I were a Carpenter”  and“House of the Rising Sun” alongside some  Bob Dylan and country and soul classics.

A couple of months later we repeated part of the show for another charity event hosted by Costa Coffee in Tesco organised by Brenda and the Baristas.

This was to help raise money for research into Histiocytosis, a rare disease suffered by a Burnley boy Max Moment, one of only 50 children diagnosed with this disease in the UK.

We’re always happy to help out in a good cause.