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41st Worsthorne Arts & Crafts Fair

The festival theme was the 60s as demonstrated in the many displays in the church.P1020870

Of course being the sixties Burnley FC had to be featured!P1020868

And as musicians we were delighted to see reminders of the swinging sixties when British pop music ruled the world.P1020872

And with that in mind our set was very much 1960s flavoured.P1020884 P1020917

We kicked off with Chuck Berry’s “Memphis Tennessee” and the classic “Save the Last Dance” followed by a couple by the  Everlys, the second a duet with our friend Tony Cummings.P1020890

We were then joined by Caroline Taylor for that old Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood classic “Summer Wine”.P1020897

Then with both Caroline and Tony we performed that great Phil Ochs’ song “There but for fortune” (I love that three-part harmony at the end) and the Bobby Darin classic “Things“.P1020903

Barrie rounded off the first half with a great rendition of Tom Rush’s song – made famous by Scott Walker – “No Regrets“.P1020915

The second half was a 1960s medley with a quiz for the audience to identify the singer and the song.

So we rounded the evening off with songs from the Kinks, the Beach Boys, Sam Cooke, Little Eva, the Mindbenders, Cliff Richard, Herman’s Hermits and the Beatles.P1020923

Those were the days my friend!

A great evening enjoyed by everyone.


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Last year’s Festival


40th Worsthorne Arts & Crafts Fair

P10006662 Shades of Grey were honoured to be asked to be the closing act  at this year’s Festival. Barrie and I had played at Worsthorne Carnival as part of the Uptown Band (technically the Uptown 5 as we were missing Don on keyboards and our second sax player) in 1989! So this was our 25th anniversary re-union in the village 😉

Mindful however that there were more important anniversaries to consider with the commemorations this week of the 100th anniversary of World War I Barrie called on his resources to make it a more wide-ranging programme.

We opened with a couple of Jazz-flavoured tunes, “Fly me to the Moon” and “She before Bobby Darin’s “Things” got the members of the choir in the audience providing superb backing.

P1000655A switch of tempo and Joanna Butcher joined us to duet with Barrie on  “Hallelujah” and solo on “Songbird“.

Barrie and I performed the Beatles’ song adopted by Dementia Friends this year “With a Little Help from my Friends” before Tony Cummings joined us to duet with Barrie on the Everly’s “Let it Be Me” (the second French song of the evening Barrie pointed out).

As our recognition of the sacrifices made during the Great War Tony Cummings then orated an extract from Michael Morpurgo’s “Private Peaceful” followed by local trumpeter Jim Hoyle playing us into “Abide with Me”. When we finished you could have heard a pin drop, very moving and not a few tears in the audience.

P1000657Jim stayed with us for the final section of our programme. First he demonstrated his versatility with a fine piece of Tex-Mex trumpet playing on the Mavericks‘ song “Dance the Night Away” which had the audience clapping along.

Our finale was that great Civil War song written by Robbie Robertson and recorded by the Band (Bob Dylan’s then backing group) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.

Jim introduced this with a muted rendition of a short piece of “Dixie” – the de facto anthem of the Confederacy – which was very evocativeEverybody joined in on the choruses enhanced by Jim’s trumpet. A rousing finish to the evening.

The church was full, everybody enjoyed themselves and they sold a lot of cakes!P1000658




Thanks Jim (left of picture), Joanna (centre) and Tony (on right) for your excellent contributions.

On an historical note the UK lost almost 900,000 servicemen in WW1 and the Americans 600,00 in their civil war – abut the same proportion of the population at the time.

But there is also a local connection as the Civil War led to the Cotton Famine which lasted throughout that war (1861-1865).

There were 300,000 men. women and children employed in the cotton industry in Lancashire alone and it’s estimated that there were half a million people starving and destitute in Lancashire because supplies of cotton from the Southern states dried up during the war.


Stacksteads Brass Band D-Day concert in Worsthorne Church

Worsthorne Parish Church organised an evening of Brass and Voices to commemorate the D-Day Landings and also the fallen of both world wars.

Stacksteads Brass Band were the stars of the evening featuring a group of orators and musicians including 2 Shades of Grey.

We performed two pieces with additional input from local actor Tony Cummings. In the first half Tony and Barrie duetted on “the Glory of Love” accompanied by acoustic guitar. 

This song has been recorded by everyone since Benny Goodman first had a hit with it in the mid 1930s – Big Bill Broonzey, Dean Martin, Otis Redding, Bette Midler, and in 2012 Paul McCartney. 

In the second half we performed our own version of the Bob Dylan song “Forever Young” which was immediately preceded by Tony Cummings describing the events of D-Day and the brave men who will be, as he wrote, “forever in our hearts and forever young”

Stacksteads Brass Band member Jim Hoyle worked on the arrangement with us so the Band could accompany us on the choruses. We never actually practised with the Band but Jim came to a couple of rehearsals so we could agree the chord changes and timings and we recorded it on a CD for him to play to the Band.

On the night we were overwhelmed by the Band’s musicianship and if you’ve ever stood on stage with a 20 plus Brass Band behind you you’ll know what I mean.

The extract from the Parish Newsletter below gives you a sense of the evening (our regular paparazzi was on holiday so we don’t have any pictures).

Parish report

On a technical note we tried to record the songs we did using a Zoom stereo microphone but it couldn’t cope fully with the dynamic range of the music in a church packed with 140 people. So the results are more low-fi than we would have liked.



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Worsthorne Social Club

The club committee are keen to support local live acts to entertain members on Saturday evenings in a new initiative.

2 Shades are happy to be in the forefront of providing live music in the village and hope to make further appearances at this great little venue.

A special thank you to the friendly bar staff and supportive club membership. Julie in particular will be keen to reprise her spontaneous duet of a Beatles classic at some future date!

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2 Shades play a Burns Night in Worsthorne

Being asked to play a Burns Night it’s inevitable that you are going to be asked to play a Scottish song!

So we performed the 6 minute version of the Proclaimers’ song 500 miles as arranged for the film “Sunshine on Leith”.

We’d already had some backing vocalists for  “Things” (Bobby Darin) and “Rocking Good Way” (Brook Benton) so with more able backing from members of the local choir it formed part of the finale which of course ended with “Auld Lang Syne”.

We also included a tribute to Phil Everly with a couple of songs from the Everly Brothers; one of our regular set “Crying in the Rain” and the Bryan Ferry version of “The Price of Love” which the brothers co-wrote when they were trying to compete with the British music invasion.